While we’ve used Tailored Wood in projects past, this (same project as below) is the
first project where we only used the Tailored Wood line. For the past year, I’ve put a lot of time in
working on the Tailored Wood Line. It was
worth every minute that I sacrificed once I saw the finished Thomas-Black
project using the line.

I am very excited about our Tailored Wood Line. It has taken a
lot of time and money, but I know that it is what contractors and consumers
want (simple and quality). I have been a deck contractor myself now for 20 plus
years and experienced a lot of different materials to work with. It’s become
plainly obvious to me that most of them are too complicated and expensive for
the majority of homeowners.

I hope to have the Tailored Wood line available to the public
sometime in the near future (we’re working on the new website for it now). I plan on opening the line first in the metro Atlanta deck market. Atlanta is one of the
largest deck markets in the country and an ideal test market. Enjoy the amateur pics using Tailored Wood. Professional pics coming soon!