Have you ever wanted to write about something but never knew how to start? Well I am there tonight.

Last Friday evening a friend of mine called me about 6 o’clock and told me he was seriously hurt in an accident, he was going to live, but his life was going to change. He called in for a carryout order to at a Hooters restaurant and was planning on going back to his office to do some work.

When he was leaving, as he was walking out, he didn’t see a small flight of stairs and fell. He ended up breaking three bones in his left ankle and messed up his right knee. I went and saw him in the hospital Saturday afternoon before his surgery, and he was in very good spirits, but felt totally helpless. He knew he would not be able to help his employees and would have to count on others for help to get through this.

I could not imagine being in the spot, but it could happen to any of us at any given time. Do we ever really appreciate what we have; our health, our friends, our family, and things we usually take for granted? The older I get, the more I see the things that are really important to us are free.

On Sunday he had surgery on both his ankle and knee and came through the surgery fine, but he was told that he would not be able to stand on either leg for about six weeks. Once he gets out of the hospital he may have to stay at an assisted living facility until he is up and walking.

Could you imagine one moment you are thinking of work, a potential job, or whatever, and the next second your world just changed? I did talk with him today (Wednesday afternoon) and believe it or not he was still positive. Of course the conversation was very interesting since he was on some pretty heavy pain killers.

I plan on going to see him on Friday or Saturday morning to see how he is really doing. What does a person say to a friend when something like this happens? Yes, we can talk about God and tell him bigger thing are in his path, but does he really want to hear this? I think the best thing is to just be there for him.

Please put him in your prayers.
Thank you,