When starting the process of looking for a contractor to build your deck or porch…how many estimates do you get? How many projects do you take the time to go see? The truth is that the most important part of building a deck is the contractor you choose. The finished product will only be as good as the contractor you choose…so I encourage you to select wisely.

What I’ve noticed is that homeowners will look at a number of houses before buying one…but when it comes to additions or decks, they usually go with a builder they feel comfortable with.  Then, in some cases, that “feeling” turns out to be a mistaken impression.

One way to avoid mistaken impressions is to go view various projects that a contractor has finished. And, taken further, to talk to those customers about the process.  For a more expensive investment like an addition, this is the responsible way to go. As with other things, you get what you pay for.  And investing in a deck isn’t something you want to “wing”.

No one likes to overpay for anything.  And you don’t have to for a deck either.  No matter whether I’m purchasing a car, stereo, furniture, or whatever…I always make it a point to see what I’m purchasing. Pictures and photos might be a good way of getting a rough impression.  But there’s just nothing better than viewing and experiencing one personally.  By taking some time out on this, you’ll better ensure that the contractor you select is truly the right one.