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Decking Progress in a Fast Paced World

Technology has really changed our culture. This is true for all areas of life. Some I’ve talked to think this is a good thing, others don’t. I can see both points of view as I’ve always been a little slower to adopt it. But I  …read more »

Decks for Athens Georgia and Surrounding Areas

Wow, what a great area we live in! I may be biased, but if someone would have told me that I could live anywhere in the world when I was young to build decks, I believe I would have said Georgia, specifically Northeast Georgia. What area  …read more »

Recent project

Here are some pics of a recent project we finished right here in Athens. This customer was a referral from a customer who lived across the street (thank you to all our customers who spread the word!). The owner had a general idea of what he  …read more »

2018 – A Year for Great Decking

Well, another year is about behind us, and it’s been a good one. We were fortunate to be selected to build another array of decks and outdoor spaces. Since we refocused on the Athens, Georgia and surrounding Northeast Georgia areas a couple of years ago, we’ve  …read more »

Customer Service Never Been as Important

From the time we started this deck building business, the core has always been to deliver a high-quality product. This means both the process of building it, as well as the finished product (deck or outdoor space). Over the 20+ years that we’ve been in  …read more »

Using a Licensed Deck Contractor

We’ve been quoting and working with customers for many years now and it’s interesting, even with warnings from homeowners found on the internet, that people go with unlicensed deck builders. Many home inspectors tell us that about one-third of the decks they check are unsafe. That’s  …read more »

And The Winner Goes To…

I’m proud to be a member of NADRA (North American Deck and Railing Association). In the deck world, they are our “hub” or “voice”. They’re where we come together to discuss various issues…legal, administrative, trends, etc. One of the funner aspects of the association are the  …read more »

Creative Deck Ideas

As we approach Spring, I thought I’d share some general deck ideas to get excited about. We’ve built all kinds of decks, in all shapes and sizes. And we welcome unusual ideas as well. There are five major types of decks. The first is a platform  …read more »

Decks in Georgia

I must admit that I love Georgia. I wasn’t born or raised here, but I was drawn to it many years ago and knew it would be my home once here. (Perhaps I was born here and my mother just never told me about it  …read more »

The Design

In spite of what some builders tell you, there is no right or wrong way to build an outdoor living space. All designers bring their own training and point of view, as do we. More importantly though, every homeowner generally brings things that are important  …read more »

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