Last week while driving to an appointment, I noticed a deck that I had built while working for a previous Atlanta decking company. I built custom decks and screened porches for that company from 1990-1994. It was a great experience from which I learned a lot, and met several good people. In a sense, they helped build the foundation that made Tailor Decks the deck company it is today.

At one point in time, they were the largest Atlanta deck builder in the metro area. In fact, many of the Atlanta deck builders today worked for them at one time or another.  But they are no longer around…the company split and merged long ago.  It was an interesting moment looking at that deck, knowing that the company in question was no longer around. It brought back a lot good of memories. I recently spoke to one of my fellow salespersons from that company/era who I had worked with…and we spoke and laughed for hours about those times.  It was fun reminiscing.

Like all growing and evolving businesses, there are some things I’ve continued from my experience there…and other things I’ve changed and improved.  I think it’s pretty evident that those companies that didn’t learn over time have fallen by the wayside.  I like to think that each deck we build is better than the one before…and I think it is.