This is the second part of an article recently published in Southern Distinction magazine-

Next, where you position the porch on your house is important. You want your new living space to be an extension of your house…and ideally an extension of where everyone naturally congregates to within the house. 8.-dog-coming-through-doggy-door-This may be your living room, dining area, or your kitchen. The combination that I see work best is a deck area coming out of a kitchen for grilling ease, with a covered area/porch (with entertainment center) adjoining the deck. To further facilitate this, we’ll remove a window unit in the living/dining room and install an out-swing French door unit so that there’s a lot of freedom to move between all areas (kitchen/deck/porch/living room). This provides a really nice-sized open entertaining area.

Most people want a fireplace (either wood burning or gas) as part of the porch. I think this is a good idea not only because of the fall/winter chilly weather, but because it offers a great area above to mount the television. Any fireplace needs a room length to be 16’at a minimum. Also, I recommend a corner fireplace which allows for a nice, unobstructed view out the front of your porch.

We also have ideas on where to position your television/entertainment center, the best electrical wiring runs (power/cable outlet), sound, lighting, and whether to paint or stain your new entertainment space. Give us a call to discuss your ideas!