Atlanta Deck

Blogging about deck construction… what’s the point, and does anybody really read this stuff, and if so, who?

I think two of the main reasons why most people blog are they either have a lot of information about a certain topic which they feel may help educate the consumer, or they just enjoy talking with people who share the same interest. I personally enjoy educating consumers and contractors of my experiences building decks and screened porches. I have not yet gotten to a point where I have other people commenting on my blogs and sharing their experiences, but I hope to one day soon.

When I first started blogging it was neither of the two, it was actually blogging because my marketing firm told me it would help my Atlanta deck construction website with rankings and therefore I should be doing it. I didn’t understand how this worked since I didn’t know anything about computers, websites and for sure blogging. What would I write about and who the heck wants to hear what I have to say anyway?

Blogging to me sure seemed to be a lot of work and trying to come up with a topic was head scratching. I did however come up with stuff to write about, and my website was showing up higher in the rankings. I can’t say blogging was one of those things I woke up in the morning just dying to do. After about a year I stopped blogging for several different reasons. I had other things I needed to be doing such as; writing other documents related to Tailor Decks, sales training, taking incoming phone calls, working with the crews, and giving out estimates. The real truth is blogging is hard to keep doing unless you really enjoy doing it just like playing golf, cooking, and of course building decks, I think you get my point.

Looking back I see the real reason I stopped blogging was my whole heart was not into it, and I was doing it for the wrong reason for me. I however, think you should link your blogs back to your site which may help you generate leads, but that should not be the main reason you are blogging. Before I forget I better write in a link back to my site. How about Atlanta Georgia custom deck and screened porch builder.

Today I find myself with so much I want to say to consumers and other tradesmen and making the time to do what I enjoying doing (blogging). I am actually thinking of having another website because I have so much stuff I want to do with blogging and videos. The new site would be more actual teaching of how to build a deck, sales techniques, marketing, and a chat room for contractors and consumers with questions.

I would like this site be a place where everyone would get involved. If somebody has something they would like to say or add this would be the site or place to do it. It would be a site for everyone thoughts, ideals and opinions, not just my mine. Email me to let me know your thoughts.