Some of you homeowners may not be ready to hear this, but this is the BEST time to make an addition to your home.  Amidst all the challenging news you hear and read, how can I possibly say this?

I say this based on a couple of things.  First, supplies and labor costs have never been lower.  As with a lot of things, due to a general lack of demand, material prices have lowered…as low as I’ve seen in a long time.  Deals are being done to move inventory, which means a passing of the savings to you.  And frankly, even the most experienced atlanta deck contractors have lowered prices to keep their crews working.

There’s another dynamic too that’s interesting to me.  I know in finance, the best time to invest is when most others aren’t and the best time to sell is when people are generally buying.  In terms of investment, this is typically true whether it’s finance or otherwise.  In this case, most people are holding back.  When times are much better, they’ll join others in bumping up the price.  The smart homeowners are the ones who are looking for a good investment opportunity now.  And what could be better than improving the value of your home?