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Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips When you have the team at Tailor Decks build a deck for you, your deck should last a long time. However, that requires some simple maintenance. If you follow these helpful maintenance tips, you can ensure the longevity of your deck: Apply floor  …read more »

Staining New Decks

When should the homeowner stain their new deck? This is a very good question and you better know the right answer or it could put you in a bad situation and cost you deeply. I am asked this question on almost every sales appointment I  …read more »

A Deck Tip You Won’t Get Anywhere Else

There are some decking contractors who might cringe out there knowing that I shared decking secrets.  And early on, I generally kept to myself on the tricks of the trade. But I learned somewhere along the way to share my knowledge with others in the  …read more »

What Do I Love Even More than Posting to my Deck Blog?

Sure, I know I haven’t posted recently. And sure, I miss it. But I have to admit there’s one thing that holds more interest for me than banging away on my keyboard…and that’s banging away with a hammer as we're building decks! Ha! Levity aside,  …read more »

Ugly Decks are No Fun

A new and properly maintained deck is truly a jewel, isn’t it? On the other hand, the same deck that’s not properly maintained can be an eyesore and even a value-drain to the property. This is why we’ve always been so adamant about keeping that deck up. After it’s  …read more »

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