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Athens and Northeast Georgia's Premier Deck Contractor and Builder. We Build and Repair Decks, Porches, and Home Additions

Good Communication Matters

You know I’ve come to understand that building decks is similar to about any other skilled trade. And it’s similar to anything else you’re wanting to build in your life. And much of what you hear from others is true – the difference in being good  …read more »

Building the Right Team

Like a lot of businesses out there, we’ve certainly traveled the road of hard knocks along the way. One of those has been in the area of hiring. After all, building the right team is tantamount to success. Since we’ve always set good guidelines and  …read more »

Tailor Decks is the Long-Sullivan Award Winner for 2011

This past Friday was possibly the best Friday ever. On Friday evening I had a phone message from Huck at Arch Chemicals (Wolmanized Wood Treatment) to call him when I could. When I called him back he told me he entered Tailor Decks in a  …read more »

Getting to Know Deck Companies

Most consumers would probably think deck company owners do not talk or know one another. It use to be that way years ago, we all pretty much went our own direction. Over the past few years I have gotten to know many other Atlanta deck  …read more »

A Friend

Have you ever wanted to write about something but never knew how to start? Well I am there tonight. Last Friday evening a friend of mine called me about 6 o’clock and told me he was seriously hurt in an accident, he was going to  …read more »

Doing the Little Things

The little things are what separates you from your competitors, but are really hard to find the time to do. I know how hard it is to find the time to do the little things that larger companies do, but somehow you have to find  …read more »

Blogging about Deck Construction

Blogging about deck construction… what’s the point, and does anybody really read this stuff, and if so, who? I think two of the main reasons why most people blog are they either have a lot of information about a certain topic which they feel may  …read more »

Tailor Decks on Kudzu!

Just like Kudzu around Atlanta, our name continues to spread!  Are you familiar with Kudzu.com?  It's a website that allows visitor's to critique (or applaud) vendors around town.  That is, you can go in and find your favorite restaurant and let people know your opinion  …read more »

Names and Dogs

I’ve been asked many times over the years where the name “Tailor Decks” came from.  Typically, and probably naturally, new customers think my last name is Taylor and greet me with “Mr. Taylor”. The truth is that the name “Tailor Decks” came about when I  …read more »

Tailor Decks First Screened Porch with Tailor Wood Porch Flooring

Tailor Decks has just completed our first project with our new Tailor Wood Porch flooring in the Atlanta area. The flooring is very easy to install and quick. When the floor is done you do don’t see any fasteners. The flooring is very comfortable to  …read more »

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