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Athens and Northeast Georgia's Premier Deck Contractor and Builder. We Build and Repair Decks, Porches, and Home Additions

The Design

In spite of what some builders tell you, there is no right or wrong way to build an outdoor living space. All designers bring their own training and point of view, as do we. More importantly though, every homeowner generally brings things that are important  …read more »

The Legal Side of Deck Building

We’ve been building decks and porches in North Georgia now for more than 20 years and have seen so many changes over the years. I honestly can’t imagine starting the business again today in this now tighter legal environment. It was so much simpler back  …read more »

Purchasing a Deck

I know I have written a blog in Nov, 2009 about how to choose the right contractor which is similar to this blog, but I have added several comments and suggestions. I felt it was very important to follow up with this blog since I  …read more »

A (Relatively) Simple Deck Builder

Recently I have been back to the decks I built in the late 80’s in Southern Indiana, amazing how strong the railings still are. These railings were actually built with the 2” x 2” pickets nailed to the outer deck bands sandwiched with a 2”  …read more »

Atlanta Decking: Subcontractors or Employees?

When considering a decking contractor, would you rather work with a company that has its own employees or a company that hires out using subcontractors? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?  When evaluating vendors, is this even a buying consideration?  My own take  …read more »

Business Planning- A Real Eye-Opener

I’ve been preoccupied lately putting together a business plan for our new Tailored Wood product line. I believe there’s a real need in the marketplace for a quality milled wood designed for decks and screen porches. We’ve been a pretty small custom deck company in Atlanta (by design)  …read more »

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