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The Legal Side of Deck Building

We’ve been building decks and porches in North Georgia now for more than 20 years and have seen so many changes over the years. I honestly can’t imagine starting the business again today in this now tighter legal environment. It was so much simpler back  …read more »

Building the Right Team

Like a lot of businesses out there, we’ve certainly traveled the road of hard knocks along the way. One of those has been in the area of hiring. After all, building the right team is tantamount to success. Since we’ve always set good guidelines and  …read more »

Staining New Decks

When should the homeowner stain their new deck? This is a very good question and you better know the right answer or it could put you in a bad situation and cost you deeply. I am asked this question on almost every sales appointment I  …read more »

Choosing the Right Contractor

Choosing the right contractor begins with a search. I recommend first asking family and friends. This has always been the way I initially went about it and I believe it’s a natural response…you want to find someone who has done a good job for another.  …read more »

Thomas-Black Project: Final Pics #2

And here are some more-

Thomas-Black Project: Final Pics #1

Here are a few pics of the final. You can also view these by going to the Gallery and the Extended Gallery sections of our website- Atlanta deck

Professional Pics of the Thomas-Black Project: Before

We’ve finally gotten the professional Thomas-Black pictures back and they look great! I guess I keep forgetting the difference between an amateur pic and a professionally done one… it’s like night and day…or composite and Tailored Wood…ha! (but that’s another story!) I wish our photographer  …read more »

More Amateur Pics on Thomas-Black Project

Here are some more amateur pics of the Thomas-Black project. The pictures I’ve taken haven’t been great but they tell the general story. I’ve been assured that the professional pics are coming in the next few weeks. The final picture below is of one happy  …read more »

More on Thomas-Black Project: First Deck Using Solely Tailored Wood Line

While we’ve used Tailored Wood in projects past, this (same project as below) is the first project where we only used the Tailored Wood line. For the past year, I’ve put a lot of time in working on the Tailored Wood Line. It was worth every minute that  …read more »

One of my Favorite Deck Projects of All Time!

After seven weeks of fun we finished one of my favorite decks of all time. I must admit that I felt like a kid in a candy store throughout!  I knew once I finished the final drawing it would be impossible to keep me away  …read more »

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