Collins Hill Park in Lawrenceville, GA

Lawrenceville GA

Collins Hill Park, located at 2225 Collins Hill Rd, Lawrenceville, GA 30043, is a park and playground. Looking for things to do in Lawrenceville Georgia never gets dull, especially with great options for an outing like Collins Hill Park. This is one of the larger and more interesting parks in the Lawrenceville area, which is why it’s such a popular location with the locals. It boasts a number of features and amenities spread across a whopping 95 acres of land. Here’s everything you need to know about the park, why people like it, and a brief summary of it’s features before you plan a trip.

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Going to the park on a regular basis can be good for you in the most surprising ways. The amount of stimuli we experience on a daily basis puts stress on our bodies, stress that can only be relieved in a peaceful, natural environment. Going to the park for a quick jog or dog walk can improve your cardiovascular health for example, and improve your sleep quality at night. It also has other benefits; just relaxing at the park for example, can improve mood and relieve stress. These benefits are part of why it’s so important to live somewhere with quality parks and outdoor environments to keep your health in top-shape.

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Collins Hill Park, Lawrenceville, GA

With that in mind, Collins Hill Park is one of the best options for a park for anyone in the Gwinnett county area. The park has all of the major features you’d expect, which includes clean, well-maintained restrooms, 95 acres of land to explore, a fishing lake, paved trail, multiple playgrounds, volleyball courts, baseball/softball fields and more. With that many features, you could expect to spend days just exploring the massive park and seeing all of what it has to offer, just as many visitors do.

Some visitors have made comments about the unpaved trail featured on the park. It’s described as a scenic and interesting trail, that’s also not too difficult to travel, and safe enough for family outings. The lake is also praised for being quite clean and nice for fishing, or simply relaxing near the water. Many sports enthusiasts also love how there’s always something to do between features like the volleyball courts and the baseball fields. Because the park is so large, some people enjoy taking a moment just to walk through the entire area, and enjoy the serenity of the environment. The size of the park, combined with it’s seemingly endless amount of features and amenities make it one of the most popular venues for free entertainment in the area.

Locals do have some criticisms though. The most common complaint is that some of the park’s features are a little rough for wear, which lowers the overall experience of an otherwise fantastic spot. Common areas of complaint include the playgrounds, or areas around the baseball field, where there’s infrequent issues with the scoreboard. Other amenities often appear worn or somewhat neglected, which might be disappointing to some visitors. Despite this, the park does feature far more good than bad, especially for nature lovers. Odds are, if you plan a trip to Collins Hill Park sometime, you won’t regret your choice.

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