The market sure has changed for decking in Atlanta over the years. In the 80’s and 90’s, decks were going up all over as almost an assumed extension of living in Atlanta.  I mean, who wanted to be without the backyard parties with the grill and the Jimmy Buffet music and the citronella burning?  It was almost a “right” of Atlanta homeowners.

That’s not to say that it isn’t today.  Living in Atlanta means generally good weather and the big social aspect I think will always be here.  But the decking landscape has changed.  Fortunately a lot for the better.  First, technology has helped atlanta deck contractors both in terms of the supplies and equipment.  For the most part, this has lowered pricing and improved the overall quality of the decks.  We continue to rebuild and repair decks from this period (and I doubt that will change), but the newer decks are typically more sound (of course there are exceptions).

The second is the certification of deck builders in Georgia. We haven’t really seen the effects yet of this rather recent phenomenon, but I suspect that it will limit poorly built decks and screen porches going up through builder education.  Finally, the tightening of the overall market has and will continue to weed out poorly managed builders over time.  While I don’t like anyone to struggle, I think over the long-haul that the field will be stronger.