Miller-9In the last post, I shared my thoughts on the the market and where we are. I mentioned that I thought the market would weed out those deck builders who weren’t doing it right.  I want to expand on that a little bit. Times are tough right now for everyone. If I had it my way, all homes in the Atlanta metro area would have a beautiful deck and/or screened porch (can you imagine?) and the area deck builders would all have plenty of business. But that’s just not case, right now anyway.

The general slowdown and certification will probably weed out the “weekend” builders and those that aren’t serious. Because this profession is important to me, I like to see homeowners get a good product.  And this means a minimum level of professionalism by the builders.  In addition to building decks, we promote a high level of professionalism and worksmanship by deck builders through consulting. Up until of late, we haven’t done a great job of promoting these services. But that will soon change.

We will have a new site up soon that will be about helping fellow deck builders become successful. There will be how-to videos and building supplies all drawing from our long experience in building decks. Whether you’re an atlanta deck contractor or you operate in another part of the country, it won’t make a difference. Give it a couple of months then be sure to visit. And we’ll be looking for your feedback then.