Interested in lighting up the deck? There are some really nice, inexpensive options available now…but you should have your ducks in a row before you venture out too far. The first is the determination of whether you’d like to install the lighting yourself or whether you need an electrician. Unless you have this kind of background and the project is more than rudimentary, I would suggest that you find a licensed electrician. Either way, you’ll need to check with your local building permit office to let them know what you’re planning to do.

In terms of finding a electrician, one might think that any would do. Not so. Surprisingly, a low voltage lighting project (probably what you’d be looking for) requires a low voltage licensed electrician. What you’ll discover is that only about 5% of electricians out there have low voltage licenses. You’ll need to do a little sleuthing for a good low-voltage electrician (suggestion: we use HighPoint Deck Lighting for most of our work. They do a great job and are very personable with clients. Website is

In terms of what you’ll need for your project, I recommend that you plan it all out ahead of time. Otherwise it may become confusing. For instance, some deck lighting provides a nice subtle feel while others give a bright glaring look. Further, some lights are made of plastic and some are built out of a high grade metal. Because of all the options available, planning is really a must.