decks in georgia jefferson bishopI must admit that I love Georgia. I wasn’t born or raised here, but I was drawn to it many years ago and knew it would be my home once here. (Perhaps I was born here and my mother just never told me about it ­čÖé ). I think a major reason for my Georgia love is the climate, what we do in building decks, and peoples’ appreciation for┬áit. This is particularly true in and around Athens and Northeast Georgia. I’m not saying that they don’t like or appreciate decks or home additions in Atlanta, because they do. I’m just saying that more natives tend to live in the Athens area, and they’re the ones who grew up with the smell of freshly cut pine trees while┬áwatching houses and home additions go up. And they have a fondness and appreciation for it.

I’ve had an opportunity to consult with contractors around the country over the last couple of years. And they’re good people. But most aren’t able geographically to serve the best customers in the world.. Georgians. Sure, the market has changed, even here. People are looking for better and better value. This is true for those┬áinterested in modest projects to those still able to put up larger additions. But in the end, Georgians seem to understand and appreciated the value. It’s kind of a part of us. And I appreciate them for that.

Whether you live in Athens, Bishop, Winder, Jefferson, or Monroe, Georgia, let us know if you’re thinking about a new deck, porch, or addition. Thanks.