Good Isn’t Cheap, Cheap Isn’t Good

I’m sure we can all relate to this in some way, Just ask someone who’s been through it. It’s easily identified in the construction industry, especially with all the horror stories we hear from family, friends, and our customers. We all have a tendency to entertain the low ball estimate, especially if they talk a good game.

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Recently, my wife and I wanted to have some landscaping done around our house, and were getting estimates on how much it would cost us. We had a guy cutting our grass for the last two seasons, so why not start start with him? He’s always been a very nice guy, and has done great work for us in the past. I asked if he would come by and give us a price on landscaping. He actually came up with some great ideas. He called within the next couple of days with an estimate of $300 to $500, to which I thought, “there’s no way, he can hardly get the material for that”. My gut told me it was too good to be true, but I ignored all the signs. We moved forward with the deal, and I gave him a $200 dollar deposit. He brought by pine straw, 4 bushes, and a flat of mixed flowers. He needed more money to get the rest of materials. So I gave him another $200. Three weeks later, he has yet to show up, nor have we heard anything from him. I’ve called him several times since then, and still no response.

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As I push mow my grass and look at my half finished landscape, I can’t help but laugh at myself for neglecting the signs in the beginning. This kind of thing happens all the time, we try to get a dollar for a dime, and end up with a dime for a dollar. When searching for a service provider, look at past jobs, ask for references, and most of all listen to your gut instinct. In the end it may cost more; however the end product will be something to be proud of, and your expectations will be met without all the unnecessary headache. Remember most of the time – Good isn’t cheap, cheap isn’t good.

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