At 1800 square feet, this is probably the largest deck/screened porch combination that Tailor Decks has built to date…named the “Thomas-Black” project after the last names of the owners. Here are a few “before” pictures. We had a demolition expert come in and take out the old structure. It was essentially a concrete patio with brick walls and stairs.  We had always done demolition ourselves…but this has turned into an unusually large project. The old patio was built on top of a wood structure. After the patio was built the builder bricked the house on top of it. This is the first time that I had run across anything quite like this.

After the entire demo was completed, we had to support the brick with temporary wood 4” x 4” post and cross members under the concrete pad that was under the brick.  We put temporary supports then had a brick mason come in to dig and pour a footer against the house walls and build a block wall to support the house brick.

Since then we’ve dug all the footers and framed the structure. This week we started to install all the decking and porch flooring. We had a total of 45 footers to support it all. I’m excited in that we’re using our Tailored Wood Decking for the deck floor and our Tailored Wood Porch Flooring for the screened porch. Our plan is to be done Friday with all the flooring.

I will take some more pictures Friday after all the decking is done. It’s difficult to get one picture to show the whole project. I did have a professional photographer come in and get some before pictures. After the project is complete I’ll have him come back and do the after shots…can’t wait to see it. It is going to be awesome!