Gwinnett Historic Courthouse

Lawrenceville, GA

The Gwinnett Historic Courthouse is located at 185 W Crogan St, Lawrenceville, GA 30046. Lawrenceville has a long and amazing history that takes us back to the roots of America, and has been through both our best times and our hardest. Not many landmarks have stood around for as much time as the celebrated Gwinnett Historic Courthouse. This is a popular spot for locals in Gwinnett County Georgia, and there are a few good reasons for that. Not only is it an excellent venue for a wide assortment of outdoor activities and special occasions, it’s also an embodiment of a rich local history that takes visitors through time. Here’s a summary of the courthouse, it’s history, and it’s usage today in Gwinnett County.

Lawrenceville, GA History

Way back in 1885, the courthouse was built after a fire burned down the previous one in 1872. For years, this building served the people of Lawrenceville on it’s location at 185 West Crogan street, where it became a symbol to the community. Like much of America, Gwinnett County saw strong growth in the coming decades, and eventually the needs of this ever growing community outgrew the capacity of this classic building. Around 1980, this building was added to the National Register of Historic Places, while a transition to a new courthouse was being planned.

By the late 1980‘s, work was underway to move most services and activities to the new Justice and Administration Building. However, the Gwinnett Historic Courthouse had become too important to simply be forgotten, so the city found it appropriate to begin a renovation project on the old building. By the 1990‘s, the renovations were completed, and the courthouse took on it’s new life as an iconic rental venue.

Best Place in Gwinnett County, GA

Lawrenceville GA

Beginning it’s new life as a museum, the Gwinnett Historic Courthouse is maintained by the area’s County Park and Recreations Department. The 2 acre property boasts a number of features, including the building’s classically styled clock tower and balcony, Palladin windows, gazebo and more. Guests are allowed self-guided tours of the historic property, in addition to other services hosted by the museum, such as art exhibits, and rental spaces in the ballroom, meeting rooms and gazebo.

Little to say, almost everyone in Gwinnett County knows this place, and many have had things to say about the venue. It’s considered a nice part of town, where some people enjoy the chance just to relax and catch a break. The park is said to be clean most of the time, with a great staff and high police presence, which makes visitors feel safe. At night, the property is well lit, which is another element that adds to the safe and comfortable feeling of the spot. The decorative venue is probably the most popular location in the area for weddings, and many have said that the location serves that function well. For more casual outings, some people enjoy the property for something as simple as a picnic, which is easy thanks to the outdoor tables. A portion of the museum is dedicated to veterans and military servicemen, which can be visited free of charge.