Wood. Nails. Art. – Learn about Our Simple Process-

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to build a lot of decks. So we’ve kind of developed a process over that time that works best for everyone. We’ve found that a collaborative relationship is the best one…the more the homeowner is involved in the project the better it turns out to be.

Read about our process below to learn how we take decking to a whole new level.

  • Initial call
    We discuss your ideas, vision and budget. And through years of experience, we share ideas of our own.
  • Meeting
    If criteria is met (scope, budget), then we meet to discuss in more detail, take measurements, etc.
  • Project Agreement
    We present recommended solution along with project estimates/pricing. You decide upon the best course of action. Project agreement; drawing; down payment.
  • Permits/licenses Obtained
    We obtain necessary building permits and licenses in accordance with builder codes and local ordinances.
  • Teardown/prep
    We tear down and prepare the area for build out.
  • Building Materials Delivered
    Based on project estimates, we procure all materials and have delivered to the home. We ask that some property area is reserved for the materials.
  • Contract Changes
    In the event a change needs to be made (for whatever reason), we will draw up revised plans to be approved (and signed) by you.
  • Project Completion
    Upon completion, inspection and cleanup, the area will be available to host for friends/family.
  • Follow-up/maintenance
    We provide maintenance to keep all work looking brand new. Ask us about the options.
  • Referrals
    You are so thrilled with the work, that you instinctively tell all your friends, who naturally come to Tailor Decks with requests of their own. And this helps you take advantage of our referral fee!