An Evolution in Deck Wood.

In spite of the advances in building technology over the last few decades, we were underwhelmed with the available options in decking material. For whatever reason, the manufacturers, distributors, contractors and homeowners just haven’t communicated effectively to produce better deck and porch building material. It’s for this reason that we decided (after many years of trial and error) to produce the material ourselves.

Deck wood products porch Today, our deck building material is available to both contractors and homeowners alike. We offer all the materials necessary to produce award winning outdoor living spaces. Our materials process, more comprehensive than 95% of the materials on the open marketplace, consists of raw materials selection, cut, treatment, kiln drying, and special milling.

We’ve created a website just for our products that has a lot more information. Click on the wood image above or here – deck products, to go to the site. (A new browser will open up in case you also want to stay on our services site.)