I know I have written a blog in Nov, 2009 about how to choose the right contractor which is similar to this blog, but I have added several comments and suggestions. I felt it was very important to follow up with this blog since I have heard from so many homeowners recently having bad experiences with their project and contractor. After you have read this blog, please go back to my prior and read it also if you have not already.

What is going on in the deck industry today is due to the halt to new residential home building. There are an overwhelming number of people from new construction doing remodeling today who may have never built a deck before. I know and understand if my job had ended in new construction I would be doing the same thing so I can’t blame them. I also think that most people have a perception that a carpenter can build anything which is the furthest from the truth.

Carpenters are specialized in the trade just like lawyers, doctors, and all other occupations are in their field. Building a deck is totally different than installing interior trim, hanging drywall, painting and so on. The biggest issue however is remodeling is totally different than new construction in every aspect. With so many (a carpenter of a friend I know) building decks; you can have a deck built really cheap. My question is; are you really getting a good deal for you money or good value.

Money is an important factor in purchasing a product, but it should not the deciding factor. When purchasing a product we all should feel comfortable and trust the person/company we will be dealing with. The last thing we want is to purchase something only to be unhappy with it and have headaches later. The reason we purchased the item in the first place was to enjoy it, and better our lifestyles.

I know everyone is different when it comes to purchasing. Myself personally, I’m not a shopper, I’m a buyer. Before I purchase anything I do a good bit of research first to educate myself on the item and the company I am interested in. I search the internet, look for articles in magazines, talk to friends & family, then I contact the vendor I’m interested in to ask more questions about their product and their process. I know this takes time, effort and work on my end, but overall doing the process this way saves a good bit of time, makes the process go smoothly, and the end result is; I have the product I wanted, not something somebody sold me.

The process for choosing a contractor to build your deck should be no differently for you. Once you have done your research, get to know the contractor or company before signing the contract. Don’t be one of those homeowners talking about what a poor job and bad experience you had with your contractor.

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