Since 1994 Tailor Decks has been designing and building some of the finest decks for the discriminating home owner.

At Tailor Decks we like to say, “Little Things Make a Big Difference”

While many deck building companies say they build a better deck the questions are still:
How and Why?

For us, a deck is not just a deck, it’s part of your home. At Tailor we take time to meet and really listen to the customer then come up the right design that fits the home. Our goal is make the deck look like it’s been there all along and designed as part of your home when it was originally built.

Once we come up with a design we then take the time to purchase the correct materials.

What we are and what we are not at Tailor Decks

  • We are affordably priced. We are not the cheapest guys nor will our prices be
  • We are a builder of high quality decks, we will not sacrifice quality to get a job
  • We will finish on time if at all possible, we will not hurry just to finish
  • We have our way of doing things our way, we will not cut corners

Wood is not just Wood.

It’s amazing to us how many decks we see with sub-standard lumber. The old adage, “You get
what you pay for.” is never more true when it comes to building a better deck. Wood is not
just wood, it is after all the largest part of any deck. Most people don’t know what’s really
involved in buying higher quality wood. In reality the vast majority of people don’t even
know what there many grades of lumber.

We start with the best grade available, (Sapwood). Sap grade is a 4 face clear board with no knots, wane and heartwood, which allows for treatment to penetrate throughout the board’s wood cells. We then add a couple of our Tailored Wood secrets giving us Tailored Wood.

Tailor Deck Milling Makes a Big Difference

Anyone can just slap the right sized board down and call it a deck, but that’s not what we
1. Crowning: Our wood is milled so the top surface has a small 1/8 inch crown that
sheds water and prevents cupping.

2. Beveling: We then add a slight bevel, or inward slant to both sides making the
bottom surface slightly narrower than the top. Doing this helps allow water and
debris to pass freely when it falls down between the two boards. Have you ever
notice sticks and twigs stuck in between the boards on the deck of a friend or
neighbor? The bevel on our decking wood keeps that from happening.

3. Relief Cuts: After crowning and beveling we mill two vertical cuts into the entire
bottom surface of each board. These “relief cuts” allow the board to expand and
contract as temperatures chance and help to prevent checking and cupping.

4. Treatment: Tailored Wood’s treatment content is higher than industry standards, this
allows for ground contact. After treatment Tailored Wood is then kiln dried for three day
at 140 degrees allowing for immediate sealing/staining if you choose. We then have
our decking milled to our patented Tailored Wood profile.

Tailor Deck Porch Flooring

1. Crowning: our porch flooring with a 1/16″ crown to prevent cupping and for stability.

2. Shiplap: Our ship lap design eliminates the need for screening between your floor joist and your standard deck board. This design prevents debris forming between deck boards and piling up on your screen which is almost impossible to get up.

3. Hidden Fastener: The 9 small grooves are designed to conceal 2 1/2″ staples which secure the porch flooring. The groove also provides a natural, clean look without the appearance of fasteners, and providing a comfortable feeling.

4. Relief Cuts: The bottom 1/8” and 1/16” step ups help prevent the flooring from cupping and allow for the wood adhesive to securely bond the porch flooring.

Tailor Deck Railing Posts

The railing post is the most important component of your deck’s handrail. Our railing post is designed to withstand the test of time, as well as be aesthetically pleasing and complementary to your deck.

Our railing post consists of two laminated pieces with a special slot milled in the center to electrical feed to be run through its core are so no wiring much be attached externally. This means no exposed wire and no need for trim covering that may come apart as time goes on. The final effect is a strong and attractive post that simplifies easy installation for deck wiring and lighting.

Tailor Deck Railcaps

The railcap is the most touched item on a deck so we added a 1/2” round over edge giving
you a smooth finish without the worry of splinters. The top surface of our railcaps is
specially milled with a slight crown designed to shed water and prevent cupping. The
bottom face is milled to allow for easy wiring installation without having to run your wire
up and down each rail post. The cap’s bottom runner gives extra stability to your railcap
and handrail and seals the wiring and wire nuts in the runner’s and railcap’s slot. The
railcap is designed to fit together with the railing post and shorten installation time (both
structure and electrical wiring) considerably.

Tailor Deck, Deck Spacers

Another little thing that makes a big difference are our deck spacers. If you’ve ever seen a deck with gaps that are not equally spaced, it’s very noticeable. We’ve actually seen decks that appeared to be well made except that gaps were all off and unequally spaced. This makes for a terrible looking job, no matter how well the job was done other wise. We use specially designed spacers to ensure spacing is uniform and exact.

Tailor Deck, Deck Screws, Holding it All Together

Unlike other deck builders we use deck screws that are engineered expressly for decks and screened porches. These copper coated screws are manufactured to withstand all kinds of weather over an extended period of time (except near salt water, where stainless steel screws are recommended). With their holding strength and special design, you will never have to worry about your decking or the screws themselves coming up. Finally, they’re designed as attractive elements of a high-quality deck, compatible with the wood as well as wide range of wood stains No predrilling or countersinking is necessary, so the job is done quickly, efficiently and it looks great.

Take a look at some of our Decks and Screened in Porches

If you haven’t yet, take a look at our photo gallery and notice the care, quality and pride we put into every job.

So, if you’re looking for a high quality Deck or Screened In Porch look no further, or better yet ask to talk to some of our customers. We have hundreds of satisfied homeowners for you to speak with. Feel free to call us at 770 725 4646 or email us at

We’re a very low key company with no high pressure salesmen and no gimmicks, just good old fashion craftsmanship. We hope to hear from you soon.
Yours Truly,
John Paulin

Owner and Founder
Tailor Decks