This past Friday was possibly the best Friday ever. On Friday evening I had a phone message from Huck at Arch Chemicals (Wolmanized Wood Treatment) to call him when I could. When I called him back he told me he entered Tailor Decks in a contest and we had won, it was the Long-Sullivan Award.

I was surprised and I didn’t know exactly what to say, I think that was one of the nicest things someone has ever done for me. I know it took a good bit of time on his part to fill out and submit the entry. I’m attaching a link to his entry if you wish to read it.

Long Sullivan Award Nomination for Tailor Decks

I also had this in my e-mails, what a day!!!


Tailor Decks is the winner of the 2011 Long-Sullivan Award. SFPA presents this award to recognize building professionals that excel in using and promoting the use of Southern Pine lumber products.

Huck DeVenzio submitted your nomination a few weeks ago. Yours was one of five very strong nominations to be reviewed by our selection committee of 6 members. Your impressive deck and porch designs, attention to detail and commitment to product innovation were cited by the committee as extraordinary contributions to the advancement of Southern Pine materials. Attached is a copy of the nomination materials reviewed by the committee, using items provided by Huck.

We hope you are available to personally receive the award during our 2011 Annual Meeting to be held August 9-10 at the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel in Atlanta. Presentation of this award will occur during the 1-3PM Southern Pine Council session on Tuesday, August 9.

Huck can fill you in on the details….he is registered to attend our meeting.

Please contact me with any questions, and to confirm you will be able to attend our meeting August 9 and receive your award.

Again, congratulations.