Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of fellow deck builders come and go. Yet we’ve not only survived, but done pretty well. In fact, we’ve won national deck building awards over the last four years. No doubt, the economy has been a challenge for all of us. But here are three reasons we believe we’ve been successful-

Superior Deck Products

First and foremost are our products. Over the last 20 years, we worked with every deck building material imaginable (cedar, ipe, composite, etc) and with them encountered every problem imaginable (cupping, rotting, molding, etc). So we decided to take matters into our hands years ago to construct our own specialized product line. We call that line Tailored-Wood™.

Based upon the raw material, specialized cuts, treatment and milling, we believe Tailored-Wood™ is the best deck building material available for the homeowner…so much so that we now offer it nationwide to homeowners and contractors alike! Click here to open a new browser and visit the Tailored-Wood™ site to learn more.

The Right People and the Right Process

Our people are extremely important to our success. Toward that end, Tailor Decks chooses to directly employ building professionals that are seasoned craftsmen with a number of years in the building trade (decks and porches).

We work on projects one at a time using an honest, personable approach. And we follow a defined process with a set of steps that allow everyone, you and us, to know where your project is at any time. The right people following the right process translates into good communication, reliability, consistency and quality.

Ongoing Maintenance

Finally, when the project is done, most of the deck contractors out there seem to vanish. The truth is that you may have a hard time finding them. And even if you find them, unless you need another addition built, they generally have little time or interest maintaining your deck or screened porch.

That’s not true with Tailor Decks. We offer a maintenance program that includes treatments and cleaning for as long as needed. This ongoing maintenance is another sign of good craftsmanship.

Give us a call to discuss how our differences will add direct value to your new addition.