Deck-maintenance Sure, I know I haven’t posted recently. And sure, I miss it. But I have to admit there’s one thing that holds more interest for me than banging away on my keyboard…and that’s banging away with a hammer as we're building decks! Ha!

Levity aside, it looks like things are starting to pick up around Atlanta. During the first few months, we were really concentrating on deck restorations and smaller projects. Lately I’ve been out on quite a few appointments as well as to get out in that beautiful Georgia weather.  We just finished a $15k deck and started another one about the same size. We have an $80k project after that. It finally looks like the bigger jobs are starting to come through.

But this year’s events have reinforced my appreciation for restoration and maintenance.  Tailor Decks, since its inception in 1994, has always cleaned and treated projects upon completion (as well as offered followup maintenance).  Not only do we make it available but we remind our customer base about every quarter about our commitment. Sure, we make a little money to get by…but more importantly, our decks are preserved. From my perspective, this is quite unique in this market. My guess is that if you went looking for maintenance, Tailor Decks would be the most responsive. Give us a try and find out! 😉