Decks and Porches, by Tailor Decks

A Proud Tradition

If you’re a homeowner in the Athens and Northeast Georgia area, you’re probably familiar with the South’s rich history of outdoor living spaces, specifically decks and porches. Early last century, porches were an integral part of everyday Georgia life, whether you needed to get out from the stagnant and sweltering confines of the house or you wanted to visit the neighbors down the street and “set a spell”.

Lots of things have changed since then, but the fundamentals from that era have not. We still value entertaining our friends and family as well as our privacy. Set against the Blue Ridge Mountains and enriched by a great climate and abundant resources, Northeast Georgia is the ideal backdrop for spectacular decks and porches…perhaps in the world.

An Unfinished Home

When building or purchasing a home, it’s not uncommon to envision adding to it at some point. After all, while the house serves a lot of purposes, an outdoor space complements and enhances. Additional home space also supports a financial position. Because of economic instability, fewer people today are looking to move to a larger dwelling…they are instead choosing to improve the home they live in. Supporting this decision is the latest real estate survey that shows outdoor living spaces holding 77% of their value.

These long-term real estate and financial developments are convincing homeowners to stay, improve, and finish the homes that they now own. Plus, impressing the Joneses next door can be fun!

Transforming Your Vision

Tailor Decks has proudly carried our rich tradition forward, building hundreds of area decks and porches for 27 years. We are the premier outdoor living space contractor in the Athens and Northeast Georgia area, winning national awards for our work.

Our core approach has remained the same over all that time – we collaborate and design the highest-quality structures tailored to meet the homeowners’ general vision…all at a reasonable price. Take a look at how we’re different from our competitors. We use state of the art composite decking from manufacturers like Trex, as well as traditional wood decking, to build the finest decks in the entire south-east.

So whether you’ve already developed some ideas for your project, or want to move forward but need some help, call us to discuss at 770-725-4646.